Making Healthy Decisions About Sex

It’s important to understand how choices about sex are really choices about life.

Every day, young people encounter all kinds of choices about life and relationships, including sex.

Yet they often lack positive role models and information to help them make wise decisions and avoid risky sexual behavior.

Their uninformed choices can result in unintended consequences, and sexual decision-making can be complicated by peer pressure, cultural messages and media images that bombard them every day.

There’s a clear need for education.

But more than sex education, we can encourage the development of healthy relationship skills that enable young men and women to realize their greatest potential in all of life. That’s what inspires A Promising Future.

Making Healthy Decisions About Sex Workshop

The Making Healthy Decisions About Sex workshop takes a whole-person approach to discussing sexuality and the development of intimacy in relationships. We invite young people to consider the benefits of sexual risk avoidance for all of who they are.

Our interactive presentations address the following objectives:

  1. Empower students to think critically about choices in relationships. Instill a sense of value for active consent as it applies to their bodies. Develop their awareness of how choices create future possibilities.
  2. Provide medically accurate and statistically reliable information about sexually-transmitted infections and diseases. Educate students regarding rates of transmission and known symptoms for the most common viral and non-viral infections.
  3. Engage dialogue around the definition of sexual activity. Discuss its impact on the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual dimensions of a person’s well-being.
  4. Explore cultural messages and media portrayal of sexual activity and relationships. Examine how these create real or imagined pressures that can affect a young person’s decisions about sex.

Positive youth development for whole-person health

A Promising Future promotes positive youth development with a prosocial approach that engages youth in their peer groups and families. We advocate for whole-person health as the basis for making decisions about sex.

Sex affects our entire being.

A Promising Future affirms the value and beauty of human sexuality. It is deeply integrated with our individual identity and self-respect. Therefore, sexual choices impact all of who we are, not just our physical selves.

With this in mind, we equip young people to make wise choices for whole-person health and successful adult development.

Avoid risky sexual behaviors.

Making healthy sexual decisions includes avoiding risky behaviors.

Medical experts say that contraceptives can ease some of the physical health risks of sexual activity, but the most reliable way to prevent unintended pregnancy and STIs is to avoid sex outside of marriage.

But simply avoiding physical risk can miss the importance of building a foundation for positive relationships and successful adulthood.

Recognize that choices about sex are really choices about life.

With a whole-person perspective, healthy decisions about sex can empower a young person’s identity and self-respect.

In relationship education provided by A Promising Future, we encourage young men and women to consider the benefits of saving all sexual activity for marriage. Marriage involves lifetime commitment, faithfulness and dedication to one person.

In the meantime, young people can develop relationship skills to serve them well in every area of life—school, career, marriage, family and community.

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