The Diamond Standard Curriculum

A Promising Future is currently conducting a multi-year evaluation project with the goal of seeing our curriculum, The Diamond Standard: Living a Life of Excellence©, achieve an evidence-based standard.

The evidence-based standard is a nationwide credential of proven effectiveness for curriculum programs. It is established through rigorous evaluation of curriculum outcomes by a professional PhD research team, resulting in measurable, positive improvements to the knowledge, intentions and behavior of study participants. After careful analysis, these results are intended to be publishable in a scientific journal.

Ultimately, this means A Promising Future will have a greater capacity to offer youth and youth-serving professionals a proven resource in life-skills education. We anticipate The Diamond Standard curriculum will be shown to help youth develop assets that improve their quality of life, increase their personal resilience and facilitate healthier relationships.

Instructor trainings in the newly revised curriculum will be available after the completion of our evaluation project. In the meantime, our team is available to teach workshops for your school, church or community agency, and we will continue to have our 2015 version of The Diamond Standard curriculum available for purchase.

Equip youth and emerging adults for success in life and relationships.

Young people are gifted contributors to their communities. They bring assets from their life stories and create new potential in the world around them.

Young people also face significant challenges in their journey to adulthood.

Between the ages of 15 and 25, they experience rapid changes in responsibilities and relationships. Without adequate support and guidance, they often come up against barriers to success, including unintended pregnancy, substance use, illegal activity and poverty.

Through our workshop series, The Diamond Standard: Living a Life of Excellence©, we build on the strengths emerging adults have, and help them discover the keys to whole-person health. They’ll gain valuable information, skills and resources for life and relationships.

The Diamond Standard curriculum series

This custom-written curriculum includes a series of 10 workshops that promote whole-person health and focus on physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual growth.

Discovering beauty and brilliance

Throughout The Diamond Standard workshop series, the story of how a diamond develops into a brilliant gem is used to represent one’s personal development process.

Participants begin to reveal, value and protect the treasure that lies within them. We see brilliance and beauty reflected in the stories of young adults who have attended the workshops and partners who are trained in The Diamond Standard curriculum.

Our goal is to:

  • Help teens and young adults discover their strengths and develop practical life skills that encourage healthy life choices.
  • Equip youth-serving providers with educational tools and resources to assist them in promoting healthy adult development in those they serve.

The Diamond Standard curriculum benefits young people in high schools, transitional housing programs, juvenile detention centers, churches and community centers.

Living a Life of Excellence

The Diamond Standard builds a foundation for personal responsibility and character by addressing eight key components for successful adult development:

  • Physical health
  • Psychological and emotional well-being
  • Life skills
  • Ethical behavior
  • Healthy family and social relationships
  • Educational attainment
  • Constructive engagement
  • Civic engagement

Multi-faceted teaching tools

Each lesson of The Diamond Standard curriculum incorporates various teaching tools to engage the many different learning styles of emerging adults:

  • Questions of the day
  • Physical activities and games
  • Fill-in-the-blank worksheets
  • Small group interaction
  • Creative expression
  • Dialogue-based workshop style
  • Take-home activities

Online Tour

To fully appreciate the value of The Diamond Standard, please take an online tour of the curriculum.

For additional information, please refer to the following resources:

Professional Instructor Training

As a teacher, counselor, caseworker or pastor, you can offer young adults hope for a promising future. You can be trained to teach The Diamond Standard curriculum and help inspire youth in your community to cultivate skills for successful adult development.

Our Instructor Trainings include:

  • Complete Curriculum – 10 developmental lessons, each with a detailed Teacher’s Guide and Teacher’s Answers. Includes a Student Manual, and a CD-ROM version of Student Manual.
  • One-day training (8 hours) or two-day training (16 hours*)
  • Ongoing support and consultation
  • *Colorado State University Graduate Level Credit – Trainees who attend our 16-hour training will qualify to receive 1 graduate level credit from the CSU Department of Education for an additional fee.

On-Site Training:

Request an on-site training in The Diamond Standard for eight or more of your organization’s staff. The on-site training experience can be either 4 hours, 8 hours or 16 hours. Please fill out our request form here.

Curriculum Purchase

The complete curriculum may be purchased without attending one of our certified trainings.

This option is designed for experienced educators who feel comfortable implementing The Diamond Standard by following our detailed Teacher’s Manual, which includes a step-by-step Teacher’s Guide and Teacher’s Answers corresponding to all sessions in the Student Manual.

The complete curriculum includes:

  • Teacher’s Manual – 10 developmental lessons, each with a detailed Teacher’s Guide and Teacher’s Answers.
  • Student Manual – 100 spiral-bound pages containing lesson content, activities, worksheets and inspiring quotes and graphics.
  • CDROM – electronic version of the Student Manual, which allows teachers to duplicate handout materials for teaching purposes.

To purchase the curriculum directly, please fill out our purchasing form here.

Community Workshops

Through The Diamond Standard community workshop series, participants will discover keys to personal success and thriving relationships while enjoying interactive learning. Community workshops are open to community members and organizations who have youth, young adults or clients they would like to refer to a workshop.

Participants can earn incentives and community service hours through their attendance and participation.

Learn about each of The Diamond Standard workshops we offer here.

If you are interested in attending a workshop or referring a young adult or client, check our current workshop schedule for workshop offerings, times and locations.

Book an On-site Workshop

You can book any one of The Diamond Standard – Living a Life of Excellence© workshop sessions, or the full series, for your classroom, youth group or program, conference, assembly or retreat.

Consider the following workshop options and contact us to book your date.