“We had a senior who finished their final quarter last year and was starting to feel anxious about the future and leaving us, but we were able to point to some of the coping skills we talked about in class. This was an awesome victory because in previous years this student would “blow up” on teachers, shut down, and self-sabotage when things got stressful. A different outcome was made possible through the tools learned in our advocacy class supported by The Diamond Standard curriculum”. – Patrick, Principal at Denver Street School, 2022


“I started teaching the Diamond Standard in October of 2021 and have had two successful quarters of teaching students. I teach 100% online so navigating this class with students has had its challenges but I love seeing the work that students put into exploring and acknowledging who they are, their values, and beliefs, and their perspectives on relationships. I teach other classes that are academic, and this class shines a different light on students about who they are (outside of academics) and the different tools they gain to equip them outside of school.” – Catherine, Teacher at GOAL Highschool


“The Diamond Standard gave me a deeper understanding of my dreams, goals, and self-worth that will impact me now and into my future.” – Joshua, Student 2017


“One thing I got out of this class was that you matter and that life has challenges, and we need to accept that. Life has obstacles and it’s okay to ask for help with them. I love this class and I am very grateful that I got this opportunity!” – Logan, Student 2022


“Through this class, I saw growth from my child in her thinking about the big picture of life and thinking about her future life goals.“ – Terry, father and student, 2022


“This class is fun. I was able to learn a lot from the class. The teachers do really well at explaining things and are nice. They do well at being able to teach different types of people and connect with the kids. The class taught a lot that can be really useful in the real world.”  – Spirit, Student 2022