A Promising Future offers engaging, stand-alone workshops as an extension of the invaluable content from our life-skills curriculum, The Diamond Standard. These workshops are designed specifically to create in-depth dialogue and relationship between participants and instructors. Your participants will become active agents in their own brain development and pathway to success. 


We also offer a free Healthy Decision-Making Workshop for our school partners. Please contact us here if you are interested.

Taking Charge: Making Healthy Decisions for Your Life (90-120 minutes)

  • Explore the process of decision making through interactive gameplay
  • Learn & practice four easy steps of healthy decision-making
  • Assess the impact of your decisions in 5 key areas of life

Executive skill focus: Critical thinking, thinking ahead and planning ahead
Social-emotional focus: Self-management, responsible decision making, and relationship skills

Reaching out: Understanding Suicide (120 minutes)

  • Humanize the conversation of suicide and identify factors that contribute to suicidal ideation
  • Explore how open dialogue, expressing empathy, a shift in mindset, and maintaining social connections can decrease the likelihood of suicide
  • Learn tools, language, and resources to seek support for self or to be an effective support to a peer experiencing suicidal ideations

Executive skill focus: Empathy, problem-solving, and adjusting to new circumstances
Social-emotional focus: Social awareness, self-awareness, and self-managment

Know the Signs: Addressing Teen Dating Violence (120 minutes)

  • Identify activities that are healthy or problematic in relationships
  • Explore misconceptions about dating violence, healthy/unhealthy dating interactions,
    personal boundaries, types of abuse and how remaining in an abusive relationship affects your well-being
  • Learn self-advocacy skills, language, and confidence to not be a bystander when you learn of or witness dating violence

Executive skill focus: Exercising good judgment, critical thinking, and empathy
Social-emotional focus: Social awareness, self-management, and relationship skills

Conquering Stress: Applying Healthy Strategies to Cope With Life (120 minutes)

  • Identify the difference between stress and anxiety and how they show up
  • Explore how developing healthy coping skills equips you to better navigate episodes
    of stress or anxiety
  • Learn and apply support seeking, self-advocacy and self-regulation skills

Executive skill focus: Regulating behavior, flexible thinking, and exercising good judgment
Social-emotional focus: Self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making

Exploring Consent: Respecting Dignity as a Central Issue (120 minutes)

  • Identify our opinions about sex & relationships through an interactive music-based game
  • Learn Colorado laws of consent and how they are applied in scenario-based activities
  • Explore situational awareness, how empathy and respecting dignity play a key role in consent and the identification of vulnerabilities, without blaming the victim

Executive skill focus: Controlling impulses, empathy, and exercising good judgment
Social-emotional focus: Relationship skills, responsible decision making, social awareness

Engineering Love: Designing Your Relationship Blueprint (120 minutes)

  • Identify character traits as a starting point to identify healthy/unhealthy interactions
    in relationships
  • Learn how intimacy and a healthy relationship foundation is formed through a
    step-by-step process
  • Explore the importance of personal boundary setting, learn how to create them and live them out in daily life

Executive skill focus: Problem-solving, controlling impulses, and planning ahead

Social-emotional focus: Relationship skills, self-awareness, responsible decision making