A Promising Future offers engaging, stand-alone workshops as an extension of the impactful content from our life-skills curriculum, The Diamond Standard. These workshops are designed specifically to create dialogue and self-reflection. Your participants will have opportunities to become active agents in their own brain development and pathway to success.


For our educational partners in the faith community, we add an integrated Biblical Discussion Guide to our existing workshops. We explore the material through relevant scripture, questions to reflect on one’s faith, activities for deeper spiritual practices, and additional faith-based resources.

Taking Charge: Making Healthy Decisions for Your Life (90-120 minutes)*

  • Identify four easy steps of healthy decision-making
  • Explore the process of decision-making through interactive gameplay
  • Learn & practice considering the impact of your decisions in five key areas of life

Executive skill focus: Critical thinking, thinking ahead and planning ahead
Social-emotional focus: Self-management, responsible decision making, and relationship skills

Conquering Stress: Applying Healthy Strategies to Cope With Life (120 minutes)*

  • Identify the difference between stress and anxiety and how they show up
  • Explore how developing healthy coping skills equips you to better navigate episodes of stress or anxiety
  • Learn support-seeking, self-advocacy and self-regulation skills

Executive skill focus: Regulating behavior, flexible thinking, and exercising good judgment
Social-emotional focus: Self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making

Engineering Love: Designing Your Relationship Blueprint (120 minutes)*

  • Identify character traits as a starting point to identify healthy/unhealthy interactions in relationships
  • Explore how intimacy and a healthy relationship foundation is formed through a step-by-step process
  • Learn & practice the importance of personal boundary setting, how to create them, and live them out in daily life

Executive skill focus: Problem-solving, controlling impulses, and planning ahead

Social-emotional focus: Relationship skills, self-awareness, responsible decision-making

*Each workshop has an integrated Biblical Discussion Guide for our faith partners.


Each workshop has a cost of $99.


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Know the Signs: Addressing Teen Dating Violence (120 minutes)

  • Identify activities that are healthy or problematic in relationships
  • Explore misconceptions about dating violence, healthy/unhealthy dating interactions,
    personal boundaries, types of abuse and how remaining in an abusive relationship affects your well-being
  • Learn self-advocacy skills, language, and confidence to not be a bystander when you learn of or witness dating violence

Executive skill focus: Exercising good judgment, critical thinking, and empathy
Social-emotional focus: Social awareness, self-management, and relationship skills

Reaching out: Understanding Suicide (120 minutes)

  • Humanize the conversation of suicide and identify factors that contribute to suicidal ideation
  • Explore how open dialogue, expressing empathy, a shift in mindset, and maintaining social connections can decrease the likelihood of suicide
  • Learn tools, language, and resources to seek support for self or to be an effective support to a peer experiencing suicidal ideations

Executive skill focus: Empathy, problem-solving, and adjusting to new circumstances
Social-emotional focus: Social awareness, self-awareness, and self-managment

Exploring Consent: Respecting Dignity as a Central Issue (120 minutes)

  • Identify our opinions about sex & relationships through an interactive music-based game
  • Learn Colorado laws of consent and how they are applied in scenario-based activities
  • Explore situational awareness, how empathy and respecting dignity play a key role in consent and the identification of vulnerabilities, without blaming the victim

Executive skill focus: Controlling impulses, empathy, and exercising good judgment
Social-emotional focus: Relationship skills, responsible decision making, social awareness