The Diamond Standard Curriculum

Our Curriculum

In the process of reshaping our youth culture, A Promising Future seeks to partner with your community to combine efforts in providing education and support for students. The Diamond Standard Curriculum, in conjunction with community support, provides greater opportunities for student success.


The Diamond Standard is taught in 10 sessions. Each session provides multiple modes of instruction to accommodate different learning styles.


These include:

  • Physical activities and games
  • Fill-in-the-blank worksheets
  • Small group interaction
  • Creative expression
  • Dialogue-based workshop style
  • Take-home activities
  • Interactive PowerPoint presentations
  • Video reference material

We have developed a detailed Teacher’s Guide that clearly outlines step-by-step instructions and additional Teacher’s Notes for each session, including a copy of what your students see in their Student Manual. Purchasing a complete curriculum set is what is needed for success in the classroom.


Through The Diamond Standard Curriculum, A Promising Future seeks to build a foundation for social and emotional learning, critical thinking and personal flourishing for a healthy transition into adulthood.


The rising generation of youth is in need of mental and emotional support, caring relationships, positive guidance and access to developmental growth opportunities. Through The Diamond Standard curriculum, they learn about executive skills such as: planning ahead, problem-solving, regulating their thoughts and feelings and engaging with others in healthy ways. The ongoing practice of these skills enables our youth culture to become better equipped to endure adversity and thrive because they have cultivated tools and supports that help them navigate life. As a result, they will become more resilient and experience positive improvements in their perspective on the quality of their lives.


The curriculum is taught in 10 sessions that span over 13-26 weeks and focuses on the following elements:

  • Practical goal-setting and problem-solving
  • Confronting life stressors with positive coping strategies
  • Identifying the full range of intelligence that youth have and can apply to life goals
  • Tools for practicing effective communication
  • Learning how to deescalate when in conflict and work toward resolution
  • Building character through exercises that emphasize diligence, gratitude, dignity, empathy, service and forgiveness
  • Creating a positive, personal network of support
  • Defining healthy intimacy and avoiding sexual risk by refraining from hazardous sexual activity
  • Establishing the importance of mentoring relationships and inviting youth to create a plan to bring intentional mentoring into their lives
  • Setting up a lifestyle plan for whole-person health and wellbeing using concepts learned in the course

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