The rising generation of youth needs us.
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The A Promising Future program initiates a new way of thinking that encourages participants to explore themselves and the world and evaluate whether there is a more effective way to cope, respond, engage, relate, live and dream.

The Diamond Standard Curriculum is a resource tool meant to be utilized by teachers, social workers, parents, youth pastors and other youth-serving professionals to build off of the existing strengths of our youth while equipping them with the tools needed to make healthy and informed decisions.



The Diamond Standard prioritizes the development of executive skills like regulating behavior, exercising good judgment, critical thinking, problem solving and adjusting to new circumstances which allow students to create new brain pathways that enable them to establish patterns of healthy behavior, thought and emotion. These skills will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

To effectively empower the rising generation to an elevated lifestyle set up for and motivated by whole-person health, we must pair these executive skills with a meaningful relationship between student and instructor.