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The Diamond Standard Curriculum

In the process of reshaping our youth culture, A Promising Future seeks to partner with your community to combine efforts in providing education and support for students. The Diamond Standard curriculum, in conjunction with community support, provides greater opportunities for student success.


The curriculum package includes a detailed Teacher’s Guide, Student Manual, Teacher’s Aids, PowerPoint presentations, recommendations for supplemental videos and a supply list for each individual session. Each session requires approximately two hours of instruction time. The content and exercises in each session are given a certain time allotment, allowing for flexible delivery in any type of setting.


Workshops allow for 90-120 minutes of content from any one session of the curriculum or multiple sessions combined. The longer time provides space for more in-depth dialogue concerning the topics covered in the sessions as well as the interaction between participants. Workshops, as well as presentations, allow for organizations to choose which areas of The Diamond Standard might be especially pertinent for their specific audiences. Therefore, workshops also vary in price with a base rate of $250.
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Because our curriculum covers a wide range of topics and is packaged with rich information, we believe it is beneficial for our partners to be trained through A Promising Future staff in order to achieve maximum benefit from the program. Our interactive, hands-on teacher training will equip you to present the complete curriculum with confidence and ease.
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Custom Presentations

Custom presentations allow for 60-75 minutes of focused content from any session in The Diamond Standard curriculum and are ideal for professional development sessions, parent meetings, student seminars, guest speaker engagements and more. Presentations range in price from $75-100 depending on the customization. Certain sessions come in multiple parts, therefore requiring more time.
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Grant Partners

A Promising Future is continually seeking advantageous grant opportunities and understand that many of those grants require collaboration among organizations. If your organization thinks A Promising Future would be a good fit for a grant you’re applying for or if your organization would like to be considered for any grants we are applying for, please reach out to us! We would love to explore opportunities.
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