What We Offer

The Diamond standard curriculum (high school/young adults)

Through The Diamond Standard Curriculum, A Promising Future seeks to build a foundation for social and emotional learning, critical thinking and personal flourishing for a healthy transition into adulthood.
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A Promising Future offers engaging, stand-alone workshops and presentations as an extension of the invaluable content from our life-skills curriculum, The Diamond Standard. These workshops are designed specifically to create in-depth dialogue and relationships between participants and instructors. Workshops are $99.00.
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The Diamond standard Curriculum (Middle School)

Through the Diamond Standard Middle School Curriculum, A Promising Future seeks to introduce students to social and emotional learning, critical thinking and healthy relationship dynamics.
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Parent/teen small group

A Promising Future equips church staff to bring parents and teens together with other families in a similar life stage to connect and build important spiritual life skills.
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Certified Instructor Training

Our interactive, hands-on teacher training will equip you to present the complete curriculum with confidence and ease. Because our curriculum covers a wide range of topics and is packaged with rich information, we believe it is beneficial for our partners to be trained through A Promising Future staff in order to achieve maximum benefit from the program.
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Grant Partners

A Promising Future is continually seeking advantageous grant opportunities and understand that many of those grants require collaboration among organizations. If your organization thinks A Promising Future would be a good fit for a grant you’re applying for or if your organization would like to be considered for any grants we are applying for, please reach out to us! We would love to explore opportunities.
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