The heartbeat of A Promising Future is a team of diverse individuals who are committed to educating and empowering students to step into their futures and live out their dreams.

Our passion is to meet young people at the crossroads of decisions that could permanently change their lives and equip them with executive skills that will enable them to make healthy choices. We know students are confronted every day by a culture that encourages them to do whatever feels right. Often, this leads to the pressure of experimenting with behaviors that can harm them. Our team believes students have amazing potential and strengths, and it is our goal to equip them to lead lifestyles that will create promising futures.

Our Team

Tia Davis-Burns: Program Director

My role aligns with my desire to connect with communities and partners that serve youth. What I love about A Promising Future is that we offer a real opportunity to equip young people with necessary life preparation skills in a way that effectively empowers them to act in their own best interests and do life well. The relationships that we are privileged enough to form with students are life-impacting for them and us.

All of our staff have been certified as Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialists.

Mission Statement

Explore. Educate. Equip. Elevate.


The A Promising Future program initiates a new way of thinking that encourages participants to explore themselves and the world and evaluate whether there is a more effective way to cope, respond, engage, relate, live and dream.


The Diamond Standard curriculum is a resource tool meant to be utilized by teachers, social workers, parents, and other youth-serving professionals to build off of the existing strengths of our youth while equipping them with the tools needed to make healthy and informed decisions.


The Diamond Standard prioritizes the development of executive skills like regulating behavior, exercising good judgment, critical thinking, problem-solving and adjusting to new circumstances which allow students to create new brain pathways that enable them to establish patterns of healthy behavior, thought and emotion. These skills will remain with them for the rest of their lives.


To effectively empower the rising generation to an elevated lifestyle set up for and motivated by whole-person health, we must pair these executive skills with a meaningful relationship between student and instructor.


Interested in knowing more about how you can partner with A Promising Future? Check out our volunteer opportunities below! If you have a specific way you would like to help our organization but don’t see it listed, please reach out!

Instructor/ Co-Instructor/ Presenter

  • As a lead instructor, you have the opportunity to directly implement our curriculum to youth. For volunteers with experience and passion for teaching, this is a way to utilize your skills to teach teens beyond academic skills. A co-instructor would be able to work alongside another instructor and implement the curriculum in tandem. A Presenter would be responsible for understanding the program and curriculum and being able to effectively communicate our mission and values.

Instructor Aid

  • We have limited time with our students and every minute counts. As an instructor aide, you would help ensure that class activities progress in a timely and effective manner. You would also have the chance to engage teens in conversation and help them to achieve a better understanding of the valuable skills and ideas we hope to impart.


  • APF is constantly looking for new opportunities for partnership and collaboration with organizations or individuals that would benefit from The Diamond Standard. Having people who are dedicated to seeking out new relationships are incredibly helpful.
  • Our curriculum is ever-evolving, so we need people who enjoy looking at current research on the topics that affect today’s youth so that we are aware of any changes or updates we should include.
  • As we continue to develop our curriculum and be relevant for the educational environment, research concerning grant opportunities for APF would also be well-received.

Program Ambassador

  • You have the opportunity to become an extension of the A Promising Future team. This role equips you with the knowledge and resources to share our curriculum and extend our reach to communities we don’t currently serve. You could be the person to sow a seed in a future partnership.

Event Help

  • Planning
  • Being an Ambassador at the event
  • Set-Up/ Tear-Down
  • Resource Fairs