Research and Results

Our Results

A Promising Future is committed to ensuring that the resources we develop remain relevant with today’s youth culture and driven by current scientific findings. Because of this commitment, our program embarked on a formal evaluation of our originally-authored curriculum in order to establish it as evidence-based.


This multi-year process involved a professional research team and a clinically designed program trial that proved the curriculum can produce positive outcomes.


The most notable findings were:


  • Students who attended at least 60% of the curriculum sessions, including Sessions 3, 4 and 5 had statistically significant improvements in their sense of self and social relationships above control group students.
  • Sense of self refers to perceived improvements in mental and physical health, belief in self and being oneself.
  • Social relationships refer to perceived improvements in adult supports, caring for others, family, friendships and peer relations, one’s sense of freedom and ability to participate in social situations.

These findings support protective factors that help youth avoid high-risk behaviors like non-marital sexual activity, violence and substance use.


Our curriculum is evidence-informed, medically accurate, and upholds five of the seven competencies for the Colorado Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards. If you’re interested in knowing more, please refer to this page that outlines our evaluation and its findings.


Our Logic Model

A copy of The Diamond Standard’s logic model can be found here. Our logic model outlines the goals and outcomes of our program in a systematic way through the use of hypothesized cause and effect relationships.