Curriculum Overview

Session 1: Dream

Live Out Your Goals

  • Students are encouraged to explore what goals and dreams they have for themselves and how to effectively meet their goals through a Goal-Setting Model.

Session 2: Lifelong Coping

Dealing with the Stress of Life

  • Students learn to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy coping behaviors when dealing with stress. Healthy coping strategies are outlined and encouraged.

Session 3: Treasure Hunting

Discover Your Strengths

  • Students explore their strengths through Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences and the Five-Factor Personality Model (Big Five) and how these inform interests, hobbies and potential career paths.

Session 4: Success Talk

Effective Communication

  • Students learn about the cycle of communication and tips for effective communication in relationships, careers,
    academics and social media.

Session 5: No War Zone

Cooperative Response to Conflict

  • Students learn to distinguish between a “win-win” and “win-lose” approach to resolving conflict as well as practice self-management and strategies for interacting with others during conflict.

Session 6: Values Matter

Cultivating Healthy Character

  • Students examine how their personal values guide their view of success and shape their character. This session focuses on diligence, gratitude, dignity, empathy, charity and forgiveness.

Session 7: Resilient for Life

Creating a Network of Support

  • Students address their own support system and evaluate whether they could use additional support in areas of their life. Students also have an opportunity to reflect on how they serve as support for others.

Session 8: Healthy Foundations

Building True Intimacy

  • Students evaluate healthy and unhealthy interactions in romantic relationships and build off of personal values to discuss how to protect their dignity and that of others. Students also examine the impact of sexual intimacy.

Session 9: Inspiring Brilliance

Understanding the Impact of Mentors

  • Students reflect on the type of guidance they have received and how it has impacted their life. Students are encouraged to discover skills and qualities of an effective mentor and identify someone in their life to seek out as a mentor.

Session 10: Attracting Success

Reaching Your Potential

  • Students assess thoughts, feelings and attitudes and clarify their vision for the future. Students revisit the goal-setting model from the first session to make steps towards specific goals and strategies that support who they are as a whole person.