The curriculum package includes a detailed Teacher’s Guide, Student Manual, Teacher’s Aids, PowerPoint presentations, recommendations for supplemental videos and a supply list for each individual session. Each session requires approximately two hours of instruction time. The content and exercises in each session are given a certain time allotment, allowing for flexible delivery in any type of setting.


Our complete print curriculum may be purchased for $600 which includes:


  • One Teacher’s Manual with 10 key components separated into 13 sessions, each with a detailed Teacher’s Guide, Answers, Discussion Points, and acopy of the Student Manual inside. This may not be duplicated.
  • One Student Manual with over 100 pages containing lesson content, activities, worksheets, and inspiring quotes and graphics.
  • One Flash Drive containing Teacher’s Aids and an electronic version of the Student Manual, which allows instructors to reproduce the contents on the flash drive for instructional purposes.

The Diamond Standard Curriculum Package