The Diamond Standard Workshops

Session 1: Dare to Dream

Discover the path to achieving your dreams.

Learn the value of having a dream for the future and the potential barriers you may face along the way. Begin developing a dream for the future. Discover skills and resources to support your dreams.

Session 2: Masquerading

Let go of masks that keep you from revealing your true self.

Learn what masks you may be wearing that can cause barriers to personal success. Develop skills and resources to release masks and be your true self.

Session 3: Treasure Hunting Within

Understand how your talents and passions can be used for future success.

Discover how life experiences and passions provide valuable clues to your life purpose. Unique talents, passions, experiences, and resources help you achieve future success. Learn how personality types indicate areas that may bring the greatest satisfaction in your life. Identify core beliefs and barriers that may keep you from living out your treasure within.

Session 4: Success Talk

Discover how to communicate clearly and listen more effectively.

Understand the communication cycle so you can recognize what reduces or promotes effective communication. Develop techniques for more effectively hearing others, and learn strategies to clearly communicate your personal perspectives.

Session 5: No War Zone

Handle conflict in a healthy way.

Gain insight on how you tend to handle conflict. Discover the difference between adversarial and win-win conflict resolution, and learn how to avoid explosive reactions to conflict. Develop techniques to resolve conflict in a positive way.

Session 6: Cultivating Character

Identify your character traits and how they directly influence your relationships and goals.

Identify the character traits most often associated with healthy relationships. Understand the different ways individuals may measure success. Learn how to establish healthy boundaries, and assess the quality of existing relationships based on character measures.

Session 7: Weaving Wonderland

Identify the support systems around you that can help create success.

Identify the external assets that help create success. Understand how the relationship choices you make influence your future success, and assess how media impacts your view of the world. Learn how to build resources and develop a strong network of support.

Session 8: Happily Ever After

Learn how to build healthier romantic relationships.

Develop an understanding of individuals’ personal desires and needs in a relationship. Recognize the steps of intimacy in a relationship’s development, and how each step contributes to the strength of the relationship. Discover how relationship choices impact the whole person (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually and morally). Identify ways to clearly express care and authentic love in relationships.

Session 9: Promoting Future Brilliance

Become an intentional, positive role model for others.

Assess the type of life you are modeling for others, and explore what kind of role model you aspire to be. Learn about basic stages of development, and identify your own and others’ growth processes. Discuss practical, realistic ways to become an intentional, positive role model for others.

Session 10: Attracting Success

Set physical, social, emotional and spiritual goals for your future success.

Assess and explore your own contribution to personal success. Learn about intentions and how they impact future potential. Set goals and success-planning strategies, and develop skills and resources to support your own success development.

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